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Certification and Qualification
■Procedure Qualification Report (PQR)
■Pattern Approval of China
■Certifications in Russian-speaking countries
■ATEX Explosion-Proof Directive Compliant Sensors
■TIIS Explosion-Proof Compliant Multi-Point Sensors (Japan)
■Explosion-proof(Flameproof Construction) Temperature Sensors
■Classification Approval
Welding Method Inspection Report(Procedure Qualification Report)
When welding pressurized equipment and pipes, relevant regulations (standards) require testing in accordance with the weld and hook method of pressure parts, weld method of non-pressure parts (ex. lags) with pressure parts, type of parent material, type of weld rod, preheat temperature, stress relieving method, type of shield gas, etc., and welding using a previously validated method.
Welding engineers, welding methods, and welding method inspection reports certified according to the relevant regulations are required when welding flanges with the wells of our flanged thermowells as well.
We believe that assuring the weld quality required by the relevant regulations (standards) is necessary in preventing any trouble occurring with welds and in enabling the stable operation of applicable equipment and plants. We, therefore, strive to maintain and improve the skills of engineers and of weld quality through the acquisition of compliant engineers and welding certifications.
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People’s Republic of China: Pattern Approval of Measuring Instrument
We are in compliance with the Pattern Approval of Measuring Instrument needed in China. Pattern Approval was granted to Yamari by the China State Bureau of Technical Supervision, Measuring Devices Supervision and Management Regulation, Chapter 3: Measuring Devices Import Examination, Article 12: Import Measuring Devices Examination Regulation. Products subject to this certification include thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors.
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Certifications in Russian-speaking countries

We have obtained the certifications of Customs Union and Metrology Pattern Approval in Russian-speaking countries. We can issue the certificates for our products which have been qualified for its quality and safety. Our affiliate, Yamari Singapore Pte Ltd, has also obtained the same certifications.

1. Certification of Customs Union

We have obtained the certification of Customs Union (TR CU 012/2011) for the safety equipment for use in hazardous environments. Replacing the GOST-R, this is the certification of Customs Union/EAC conforming to the technical regulations (TR) for the explosion-proof products of sheathed thermocouples and sheathed resistance thermometers not only in the Russian Federation but also the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) including the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

2. Certification of Metrology Pattern Approval

Approved by the Russian Federation Metrology Technical Standard, we have obtained the certification of Metrology Pattern Approval for sheathed thermocouples, protection tube-type thermocouples, sheathed resistance thermometers, and protection tube-type resistance thermometers.

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ATEX Explosion-Proof Directive Compliance Sensors
CE We comply with the CE mark under the ATEX Explosion-Proof Directive. All products sold in any country where European Union (EU) and European standards are applicable must carry this CE mark. CE marking is obligatory for various devices, parts, consumer electronics, pressure equipment, etc., and currently in practice. ATEX stands for the French word, “Atmospheres Explosibles (explosive atmosphere)”, and any electric appliance and disaster prevention system intended for use in explosive atmospheres are subject to that regulation if they are manufactured, sold, distributed, or installed in EU countries. Technical data compliant with the ATEX Directive has been submitted to the Dutch certification organization KEMA for auditing, and therefore we are in compliance with the CE mark.
Certified Products Multi-Point Temperature Sensors
Single-Point Temperature Sensors
Certified Plants Yamari Industries, Takatsuki Plant
Yamari Singapore Pte Ltd
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Domestic Explosion-Proof Compliant Multi-Point Sensors
Following the ATEX Explosion-Proof Directive, our multi-point temperature sensors currently also comply with Japanese explosion-proof(flameproof) standards. Flameproof construction of electric devices means that the vessel can withstand and will not be damaged by internal explosions caused by explosive atmospheres that enter it, and the target explosive gas or vapor outside the vessel cannot ignite through any of the joints or structural openings. Such devices, therefore, can be used in dangerous places where explosions may occur.
Certified Products Multi-Point Temperature Sensors
Testing Institute Technology Institution of Industrial Safety
Characteristics High-Strength Stainless Steel
Class of Protection IP67 (IEC)
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Explosion-proof(Flameproof Construction)Temperature Sensors

In addition to a wide variety of explosion-proof temperature sensors that comply with Japanese (Technology Institution of Industrial Safety), European (ATEX/DEKRA) and Russian (TR CU) standards listed above, our products have been certified for Cl.I Div.1 Gr.A/B/C/D or IIC T6 explosion-proof by notified bodies in U.S. (FM), China (NEPSI) and Korea (KOSHA). We provide temperature sensors that can be used in all explosive gas and vapor atmospheres including hydrogen and acetylene.
Our temperature sensors also have been certified for dust-ignition proof intended for the use in explosive atmospheres caused by air/dust mixtures including metal, coal, crop, etc. in accordance with European (ATEX/DEKRA) and U.S. (FM) standards.

Japan Europa Russia
Japan Europa Russia

US China Korea
U.S. China Korea
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Classification Approval

Approved by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai(class NK) and American Bureau of Shipping(ABS), we have obtained the Pattern Approval for temperature sensors, now therefore we can offer marine temperature sensors.

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai(class NK) American Bureau of Shipping(ABS)
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai(class NK) American Bureau of Shipping(ABS)

The vibration-proof performance is vitally important to marine temperature sensors. Yamari has developed a unique sensor-insertion structure into thermowell as well as resistance thermometers with an excellent durability, which fully satisfy the requirements of each Standard of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai(class NK) and American Bureau of Shipping(ABS). Moreover, Yamari has obtained the certifications for various other types of sensors necessary to machinery and cargo. Please contact our sales office for more information.

Thermowell configuration Designed for natural frequency more than 120 Hz
Sensors Super vibration-proof structure
②③ Unique damping structure (Japanese Patent No.6094707)

Sensor with a unique damping structure

Classification_fig2 Classification_fig3
Graph charts of vibration test on a common sensor Graph charts of vibration test on a sensor with a unique damping structure
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