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Temperature Calibration Service
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Traceability Service
We provide various types of traceability services such as on-site loop calibration for temperature sensors and validation measuring for sterilization equipment. Utilizing our sensor and calibration technologies accumulated over the years, we are developing new services that support customers needing establishment of their temperature traceability. Please feel free to contact us for any temperature calibration.
■Temperature Tracing
■Temperature Validation Service
■Various sensors with the traceability certificates
Temperature Tracing
温度トレース ■Temperature Tracing Business
(1) JCSS Certified Temperature Calibration
(2) On-site Temperature Calibration
■Standard Equipment
(jointly developed with AIAS/NMIJ)
(1) Metal Fixed Point Cells and Fixed Point Realizing Apparatus
(2) Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer (SPRT)
■Technical Consulting for temperature tracing
(1) Support for obtaining the accreditation and establishing calibration laboratory in conformity with ISO/IEC 17025.
(2) Support for obtaining various accreditations in conformity with ISO22000, ISO16949, ISO13485, QS9000 and NADCAP.
Temperature Validation Service
校正装置&校正システム ■Service Sectors
Temperature Distribution Measurement in various sterilization equipments
■'Dr. Valiyer' Temperature Measuring System for sterilization equipments
・Traceable to the National Standard (JCSS)
・In conformity with the FDA Standard 21CFR Part 11
・Full automatic measuring
・Eliminating opportunities for recording false data
Various Sensors with the Traceability Certificates
温度バリデーションシステム&サービス ・Thermocouples and RTDs for use in process control
・Type R thermocouples and RTDs to be used as in-company standard probes
・Temperature sensors with indicators to be used as in-company standard probes
・DataTrace data logger type thermometers made by MESA Laboratories, Inc., U.S.A.
・Validation sensors for sterilization equipments
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