Economy, Quality, Speedy Supply are of prime importance both for our customers and YAMARI. To accomplish these, while maintaining our leading position, YAMARI now offers a series of reliable yet competitively-priced models which have been selected from thousands of sensors proven to be compatible with most temperature-measuring applications.
��Metal-Sheathed Ceramic-Insulated Pliable �@Thermocouple

��Ceramic-Bead-Insulated Tube-Protected Thermocouple

��Ultra-High-Temperature Probe-Type Thermocouple

��Metal-Sheathed Ceramic-Insulated Platinum Resistance Thermometer

��Probe-Type Platinum Resistance Thermometer
��Very Fine Diameter Sensor:
�@0.25mm. O.D. Thermocouple
�@1.0mm. O.D. P.R.T.

��Thermowell and Protection Tube

��Metal Fittings: Flange, Gland, Union, etc.

��Extension Cables and Connectors

��Quality System


��Safety at Hazardous



ISO 9001: IQNET (EU), RVA (EU), JQA (Japan)

JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System)
Flame Proof�@�@: CENELEC(EU)
�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@R.I.I.S. (Japan)
Intrinsic Safety: R.I.I.S. (Japan)
Others�@�@�@�@�@: Quality Assurance Agreements
�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@signed between the leading
�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@plant contractors in Japan
Free answers to queries regarding temperature measurement.




Solutions to temperature measurement problems with technical suggestions, new designs and supply of samples.

Investigation of temperature sensor failure or irregularity by analysis, experiment and simulations.

Design and quotation on special sensors or unusual temperature-measuring requirements.

Consultancy on temperature instrumentation for plant projects, designs, cost estimations and site visits by engineer.

Immediate emergency replacement of sensors.
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